D5 Capital is delighted to announce that it has supported the launch of Whitefox Publishing, a new UK-based publishing services organisation.


Whitefox is the brainchild of ex-Harper Collins duo John Bond and Annabel Wright who saw the need for state-of-the-art publishing advice and product delivery services for all participants in the $20 billion books industry. Whitefox works with publishers, agents, authors and corporations in delivering books, enhanced publications (incorporating audio and video content) and eBooks to the market. Partnerships have already been agreed with ebooks digitisation giant Ingram and book services group Imago. Whitefox is also working with top literary agent Curtis Brown on their newly launched author discovery initiative.

Whitefox works with a large network of several thousand top freelancers in the global books industry, including editorial, design, marketing, digital and distribution services. As well as managiong thje initial seed round for the business, D5 Capital is providing advice on innovative financing structures for authors and agents.

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