D5 Capital has structured and funded the relocation to London of Tailify, a Scandinavian influencer marketing platform.


Tailify was an early pioneer in the world of paid content creation, pledging to bring professionalism, security and trust to the social native advertising sector. With a strong track record in Europe, the Tailify solution has been developed together with some of the largest global media agencies and focuses on partnering with them to deliver creative and high impact campaigns for brands.


Tailify manages every aspect of the process, from finding influencers to creating and distributing content, to accurately measuring results. Tailify has developed a sophisticated end-to-end platform – the first in the world to fully automate the influencer ecosystem, developed by a technology-focused team recruited from Google, Activision and BCG. The solution has been built around both the brands and the influencers, with an app for influencers that allows them to receive offers and messages from brands, but also functions as a CRM and sales system, allowing them to understand, manage and grow their business. Similarly, marketers have unique insight into the demographic of an influencer and can automatically track the performance of their content and monitor their ROI with detailed reporting. The Tailify engine can gather much deeper levels of data, meaning brands are better informed and confident that the campaign will generate the required results. It also enables the two parties to connect in a more efficient and powerful way.


Fredrik Andersson, Joint Founder and Head of Marketing at Tailify, said: “We have a proven track record of delivering market leading content creation, having built a hugely successful business in Scandinavia which was one of the first platforms of its kind. The UK influencer marketing sector is still relatively immature in comparison, with brands only now starting to invest their budgets in a serious way. As it grows over the coming decade, professionalism and trust will be paramount, ensuring this channel offers the same security and reliability as traditional media. Our platform is completely transparent with detailed results analysis and legal clarity for the influencer relationship, giving brands the peace of mind they need. We don’t act on opinion or impulse, but rather on scientific data. That is how we built trust with CMOs in Scandinavia and that’s how we will do the same here.”



Notes to Editors About Tailify


Tailify is an influencer marketing platform that aims to instil security, professionalism and trust into the world of content creation. It works in partnership with top tier media agencies and global brands such as Coca Cola, Disney, Unilever and Marc Jacobs to deliver beautiful and value-generating campaigns. Driven by technology, knowledge and data, Tailify superior end-to-end platform enables brands to find the right influencers and accurately measure the results, empowering them to influence and inspire millions of people around the world. Already well established as a market leader in Scandinavia, Tailify launched to the UK market in 2016. It was named “The company most likely to revolutionise the media industry” by Starcom in 2014. Visit: www.tailify.com