(Tel Aviv, 22nd October 2014): Spot.IM has today launched its embedded social network for publishers across the world. The Platform allows any publisher to unlock the value of their community, creating a vibrant real time conversation network for their users. Spot.IM is designed to open up new possibilities for engagement and monetisation for the millions of publishers that generate valuable content but tend to lose their users to established social networks for the discussion of that content.


Since the realease of the Beta version of Spot.IM, thousands of sites across the world have activated Apot.IM on their sites. With only two lines of code, publishers are creating a real-time forum for users to meet each other and discuss their common interests. “We are creating a new social infrastructure that will overlay the web, giving site owners a way to join the social age and succeed,” commented CEO Nadav Shoval. “Spot.IM gives site-owners the ability to keep their users’ conversations alongside the content that stimulated those conversations.”


Major sites to embed Spot.Im include Bauer’s Kerrang, Time Out and Red Bull. Since launching, thousands more have embedded the unique, real -time chat function which allows users to join group conversations or request a one-on-one private conversation with people that they meet on the Spot.


Spot.IM is free to publishers and can be downloaded at www.spot.im