D5 Capital has extensive experience of helping entrepreneurs and early stage investors find successful exits via outright sale or flotation. Over the past twenty years, the D5 Capital team has managed trade sale mandates for over thirty companies and have helped arrange the sale or IPO of several businesses in which they have held founding stakes.
Preparing a company for sale or IPO is a very precise process which fundamentally drives how a business is managed in the preceding years. Advice at this stage of a company’s development can add substantial value to the ultimate exit transaction.

Most company sales benefit from the careful building of price tension, so the management of an auction is generally recommended. D5 Capital has extensive experience of the psychology of the auction process and the possible methods for achieving optimum valuations, including earn-out structures. In particular, the team is expert in the sale of marketing services agencies: advertising, content marketing, CRM, data services, digital services, PR and other specialist marketing services disciplines.

Members of the D5 Capital team have also been involved – as advisors and as principals – in many flotations. As a result, they are well versed in how to select and manage professional advisors during the transaction as well as the development of a compelling message for investors both in the run-up to flotation and in the after market.