London, 23rd February 2016: D5 Capital, the media & technology investment and M&A advisor, has raised $300,000 of equity investment for Connecteam, the Tel Aviv-based mobile communications and training platform for blue collar workforces. D5 Capital coordinated the UK element of the angel round and is advising the company on its globalisation.

Connecteam is a white-label app-creation platform that enables organizations to communicate and train its managers and employees via mobile handsets while they are on the move. Connecteam is ideally suited to industries where employees are on the move, serving customers and without a desk-based environment in which to receive and process information. The Connecteam enterprise solution is ideally suited to retail, leisure, restaurant, transport, security and manufacturing industries, where employees are unable to use laptops to conduct business.

To date, Connecteam has been adopted by companies with up to 20,000 employees in taxi transport, hotel groups, restaurant chains and food manufacturers. The company has launched the product suite in Israel and is rolling out in USA later in 2016. Connecteam enables companies to update employees on company-wide campaigns and procedures, train them in new techniques, monitor their participation and manage their shifts. By taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach to development, Connecteam has created a clean, efficient and flexible platform that improves productivity from Day One.

Connecteam is the brainchild of Amir Nehemia. Amir set up Connecteam (originally called Mobilesson) in 2013 after serving in the military; his ambition was to create a SAAS mobile learning management system that catered for the millions of people around the world that are not sat at a desk all day. Amir commented: “Unlike am email or SMS, with Connecteam everything can be measured – using the dashboard employer