21 May 2019: UDG Healthcare plc (“UDG Healthcare” or “the Group”), a leading international healthcare services provider, announced today the acquisition of  Incisive Health, a UK-based healthcare policy and communications consultancy, for a total consideration of up to £13.6 million ($17.7 million). D5 Capital sourced, negotiated and managed the transaction through to completion. Incisive Health will join Ashfield Communications and Advisory, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UDG.

Incisive Health

Incisive Health is a UK-based healthcare communications consultancy, which specialises in healthcare policy, public affairs and communication services. Incisive Health was founded by Mike Birtwistle, Sarah Winstone and Bill Morgan in 2013. Across its head office in London and an office in Brussels, the consultancy employs 36 people and provides a suite of consultancy and communications services including clinical advocacy, corporate and digital communications, direct payer engagement, public affairs, stakeholder campai