San Francisco, California. May 31, 2017 – Consumer insight app OnePulse announced today it has closed a $2.07 million seed funding round ahead of its summer 2017 launch in the United States. OnePulse is a digital platform that produces real-time consumer insights effectively and inexpensively, making market research simple and engaging. The latest investment round was led by UK-listed agency network Next 15 and Silicon Valley based Foundation Capital. The funding comes on top of a previous round of $1.07 million led by Beacon Capital and BBH ZAG. D5 Capital advised OnePulse on the latest round.

Via its web portal, OnePulse enables businesses to connect with consumers by building branded communities and accessing the general OnePulse user community. OnePulse will enable U.S. clients to tap into peoples’ preferences, delivering customized business insight from highly targeted demographic groups. The United States launch represents the company’s next step in an aggressive international expansion plan, towards which OnePulse intends to initiate a forthcoming Series-A round of funding.

With a significant presence in the U.K. and North Africa, a highly engaged user base and over 300 international clients (including Aviva, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, Marks & Spencer, Coca-Cola & KFC), OnePulse is disrupting the traditional market research sector.

For consumers, OnePulse is a dedicated mobile app that facilitates their quick and easy responses to Pulses (bite-sized surveys), through text based questions, images and videos. OnePulse rewards users financially and keeps them engaged through interactive gamification. Powered by this real-time platform, businesses can better understand consumers, promoting confident decision-making and driving profitability. With a strong pipeline of exciting features, a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, OnePulse will continue to shape the way businesses learn from people.

“To prepare for our launch in U.S., we’ve undertaken a series of strategic media partnerships and key-hires, which we’ll soon announce,” says OnePulse Global CEO Atul Choudrie. “OnePulse continues to attract partners and clients alike by developing a product that means businesses no longer have to rely on assumptions to make in-the- moment decisions with confidence. For consumers, we continue to redefine the concept of market research with a fun, rewarding mobile application that can be used day-to-day.”

“One Pulse’s technology enables marketers to undertake the closest thing to real-time research, and at a very low cost,” says Tim Dyson, CEO of Next15. “There are still huge areas of marketing expenditure that rely on gut-feel. OnePulse enables heads of companies to make educated decisions concerning even the smallest parts of their marketing programs. I can’t wait for our agencies to employ OnePulse, giving them a substantial competitive edge”

“OnePulse provides an incredible tool for our clients: it’s less time-consuming, more affordable and more responsive than traditional market research. OnePulse can really change how we generate and test new insights,” says BBH Head of Corporate development, Anu Shah.

About OnePulse

OnePulse is a mobile and web-based platform, providing on-demand insights to brands and businesses at any size or stage.

OnePulse enables companies to ask groups of highly targeted people up to three questions and get responses back instantly. It reinvents the way businesses learn from people, evolving surveys into conversations.

To its users, OnePulse is a lifestyle app and destination for giving their opinions on news, products, interests, and hobbies for which they are subsequently rewarded by micro-payments and experience points. With OnePulse’s gamified features and lifestyle questions, the user base is highly engaged. This results in some of the fastest response rates and highest quality consumer insight in the industry.