Improving staff productivity

According to research by Harvard Business School* into five critical factors in keeping employees enthused, motivated and productive, one emerges as the runaway winner: progress. When people feel they are progressing – making headway in their jobs or receiving support helping them to overcome obstacles – their drive to succeed is at its peak.

Other critical factors include:

  • A sense of collaboration
  • Practical support
  • Interpersonal support
  • Doing important work

The question then is how to put these factors in place…

In response to this, D5 has developed a programme that takes a detailed look at the following facets of your business, and identifies areas for change. Not change for change’s sake: but changes in behaviours that can directly increase productivity.

Leadership and culture: gaining an insight into the spirit of the company, how it inspires, and how its leaders can bring even more to the party.

Management and systems: an audit of how the organisation manages its business, what’s driving this, and where the needs of the clients and the needs of employees are best served.

Talent retention strategies: a review of the key tenets of employee engagement and commitment.

Team dynamics: understanding teams, and how to develop high performing teams.